A Little Colourful Tale

We had a few extraordinary guests today.

First came a thunderstorm and then a brief winter chill.

Fair amount of pink petals have been washed away from most of the cherry blossom trees, and I cannot help feeling a little bit sentimental.

It is time to shift a rainy day blues into a colourful spring swing!

These pullovers and cardigans will cheer you up in chilly grey weather like this one.

Let us begin our story with a beautiful turquoise top.

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved bows. She put bows everywhere, even on the backside of her pullover!

turq knit front

She made sure that she will be noticed wearing bows from every angle. It was so big, and a prince saw it from the castle tower. Amazed by her bow, he sent a messenger to tell her that she is invited for a picnic by the castle.

turq knit back2

Delighted, she decided to take her friends as her company. For them, she chose those brightly coloured knitwear decorated with colourful ribbons and buttons.

blue cardigan

blue cardi red ribbon pocket

yellow cardi

yellow cardi white ribbon

white cardi

grey cardi

five knits

The happy girls got rather overexcited while dressing up, and forgot about the picnic. Instead, they went off for shopping to find matching outfit for their tops.

What happened to the poor prince?

I am afraid no one knows...

Colour Me With Fancy Dots...

It's a warm and sunny Sunday.
The weekend is almost over, but that does not bother me much.
Stepping out of the door, I saw the world full of colours.

Blue sky, white clouds, red roses, green trees, just like that famous song of Sacchimo.
Flapping butterflies, chirping birds, laughing children and the parents chasing them, ladies on bikes, fancy people having fancy lunch...

Time runs so fast, and in a blink of an eye, the icy grey canvas was covered with colours...

The fairy dust of spring has also been sprinkled on to these fine jersey dresses, jackets and tops..


Did you notice the unique draping and the knot around the waistline?
They wrap you comfortably while sensitively forming a very feminine silhouette.

It is covered in black, red and white dots, which can perfectly be matched with this black jacket.



The buttons on the sleeves too, fashion happy dots.


They are hidden inside of the jacket as well...

A black top with green, pink and white dots


See how the fabric is elegantly folded and gathered around the neck...


Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

Weekend Fun Ride

Woohoo, the weekend is here finally!

After seeing a few bicycle films over the past week, I am completely hooked on cycling!

Here are two of my favorite ones that I would like to share with you.

Jour de Fête, by a French comedian Jacques Tati


Belleville Rendezvous, by Silvain Chomet


In Jour de Fête, Tati as a postman, shows a hilarious bag-swinging trick. I tried it myself...without a success...

See the trick here!

This is the little bag I brought to make this experiment with.


This grey one is as pretty as the purple one I bought, and there is only one left in our stock.

Can you imagine the playful secret from this picture? Here you go...

Zip zip...
Ta-da! While it expands, the soft jersey fabric peeks out!

Cute and practical inner pockets come in pink.



It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap.


It is a wonderful partner for travelling or a spring stroll!

Now I'll be off riding to enjoy the view of Matsukawa river with fallen cherry blossom petals floating. I have my lunch and a large camera in my purple bag, so I will not be swinging it like Tati today...

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

PSW Toyama

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

Few Things to Make You Bloom and Glow in the Spring Sun!

The cherry blossoms in our garden have fully bloomed、and so as daphne, narcissus and magnolia. The warm breeze has been weaving variety of colours, fragrances and lights into a splendid spring!

The season has also brought these light and delicate knitwear to our store.

908e3290be948b365fbc3c3739346db3.jpg The colour reminds me of cherry blossom petals!

dd5b42071b87bb156b4d4954ecba2bba.jpg A little surprise of dots...

61333aa9cfff1757f3c129aeb7e73963.jpg Soft, narcissus-like yellow

b1eccb9321f42ca1c378e9200de12451.jpg Peek-a-boo dots on the sleeve

47fe30510a45e8826a949d15cdc31630.jpg A delicate bluebell in the wind...

7cf32456182bb0b5d54b71059b887476.jpg The colourful dots say hello!

82a1cb29daa9e3fe88518c00849fa41a.jpg We have a pretty dot skirt to please your spring closet. The bow sitting around the waistline gives an extra feminine feeling to it.

def9e7c3a382b02981073b8fc95ff5fc.jpg Wouldn't it be a perfect match with those knitwear?

2c936e07dafc991635da4c47222634d4.jpg The tops come in five colours.

Topic : art & fashion
Genre : Fashion

Spring Brings Too Many Hearts!

Yes, it may be a cliché, but who says no to a pretty print of hearts?
Diamonds and Hearts are always a girl's best friends, aren't they?

However, if you are Paul Smith's best friend, just some typical printed hearts may not be exciting enough.

Then there is a great news for you!
Have you ever seen anything like this Confetti Heart print?

confettitop.jpg confettidress.jpg

These colourful translucent hearts are generously sprinkled all over the cloth, just like confetti. They almost resemble flower petals too.

Wear them and step out to the town, and the loving and joyous feeling you sprinkle around will make everyone smile!

A friend visited our store yesterday. She was tired of her masculine outfits, and was looking for something completely different. I recommended her to try the dress out, which gave her an instant boost of femininity and elegance. She says she will wear it in her best friend's wedding...

Go spread your love with the Confetti Hearts!


Hats are available in grey and beige.


Stoles come with a gold pin and a heart charm dangling from it.


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